LilliBean Designs: Inviting Whimsy into Life
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'A POCKET FULL OF WHIMSY' by LilliBean Designs

 I love little surprises and I adore lucky dips. Remember walking around the fair, sticky with fairy floss (aka cotton candy) and seeing these huge barrels of lucky dips. There were usually boy ones + girl ones and all for about $5.

 A ‘POCKET FULL OF WHIMSY’ is my artistic version of the lucky dip. And what a surprising + fun + easy way to invite whimsy into your world!

 Each ‘pocket’ envelope is hand decorated – incorporating my love for paper and washi tape with my obsession with handwriting.

 And inside you have an abundance of surprises waiting for you! An ORIGINAL everyday whimsy artwork (approx A6 size), a beautiful accessory (like a key ring, necklace or earrings) some LilliBean Art cards and tags, discount codes for next time, and other little surprises! (I pinky swear no glitter!!)