LilliBean Designs: Inviting Whimsy into Life
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'FLOSS' (a LilliBean Mini Painting)


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Grab your very own Whimsy painting with an inspirational quote.

The thing about art is that it is often hung up on a wall to be admired and loved. But what if you could take beautiful artwork with you anywhere?

My 'Whimsical Inspirations' are versatile and individual and are specifically designed so that you can move them around your home and workspaces when and where you wish.

At approx. 10x10cm 'Candy' is light enough that they can be placed on your fridge with a hook magnet, on your bulletin/ notice boards with just a pushpin or even on placed on your bookshelf.

Each and every Whimsical Inspiration is unique and often speaks directly to the heart of their owners.

This listing is for the Whimsical Inspiration - 'Candy' and is a canvas block and ready to be placed anywhere you want.

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