LilliBean Designs: Inviting Whimsy into Life
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Custom Painting for your Little Ones


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When you bring your precious baby home you just want everything to be perfect. From the folded onesies neatly stacked in draws to beautiful mobile hanging above the crib. 

Part of making your babies home coming perfect, includes personalised art work for the walls.

But part of the problem is that while there is a lot of art work for your baby's rooms it isn't personalised or unique.

Available in two sizes a LilliBean Designs nursery painting allows you to decorate you baby's room with a unique whimsy painting. 

Choose from four options: Brave Boy (with feathers), Bold Boy (pirate), Blaze the Unicorn (teal), Floss the Unicorn (pink)

Underneath the painting is hand written text – the child’s name, birth date, time, weight + length (all of these are optional and changeable)

Each LilliBean painting is totally unique and a custom painting is a fantastic way to treat yourself or as a bespoke gift for a loved one.

The custom painting process involves a total collaboration between your ideas and my style and until you are totally satisfied with the sketch, we don’t progress forward.

Not what your looking for? I have other custom painting option or message me for a quote

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